Listening + Advices + Programming + Design = Web Solutions

Website Design

From designing a  landing page to a full fledged complete website…

You would like to share your expertise, your services and your sense of professionalism, with the internet users ?  Contact us to move ahead of the pack, and establishe your business in the digital world.  Ask for a quote here.

Any interfaces, adaptative

Will respond to your screen resolution.

Responsive or adaptative websites will get better rankings in search engines, and with the constant growing use of mobile tablets or phones, your website needs to be revamped and compliant on many devices as possible, respecting search engines guidelines.


Transactional websites

Add a custom online store.
Integration and management of your ready to go online boutique. (from Wix to Squares or by implementing Woocommerce on a WordPress website)

Web hosting

Top notche Linux  servers with redundancy and state of the art encrypted backups and other AI solutions for performance and security.

Hosting solutions for every budget needs

Starting at 199$/year/ contact us for details

CMS ( Joomla, WordPress )

Manage your website in a flash.

Choose from all sorts of CMS, the best ones in the industry.

CMS are adapted to be user-friendly, and to the contrary of what is said out there, its very easy to work with if you follow professional advices at first.

Plus, SEO is quite forward and best of all it works, but the magic is often in the content and techniques implemented trough out the website, let us help you with that, content is king, the right words at the right place just make a huge difference.

Website management

Your schedule is busy as hell ?

Feel free to choose from our management content plans to save time and money…

We can manage your site efficiently and in a timely manner.


Customisation of your template

Existing themes and or personnalized ones / starting from scratch

We have access to a range of ressources and great payed extensions, to personalise your web project.

Advices and consultation

Scrolling through your website

Solidify the foundations

  • Validate the site structure / all elements, menus, scripts
  • Evaluate the sitemap, site tree, title tags and content

UX Design / UI

Prototyping / User experience

Simple navigation with  less than 3 mouse clics

  • Ergonomy
  • Adaptative/responsive

Writing & Editing

Copy writing and SEO :  the perfect match

Write texts to be seen

  • Using tags
  • Enliven content
  • Translations, improvements


To follow the web guidelines

Natural SEO and/or SEM (Adwords or other payed services)

  • Compare with your competiton
  • To generate the perfect proportion of inbound links/outbound links
  • Use the right keyword density ratio

Social networks

Spread the good news !!!

Managing your corporate Facebook page

  • Designing and implementing your Facebook business page
  • Find your niche
  • Adding posts and ads
  • Targeted ads of your products and services
  • Detailed reports with recovered data

Web videos

Corporate videos or events, Web capsules

Personnalized videos

We create the storyboard, we film directly on the spot.

Adding transitions, narration, animated generic or textual elements

Cut unusable portions, add background music or jingle. Integrate with different media such as YouTube / Vimeo and respect users and their bandwidth.

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